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Robert Duden

Robert Duden

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Katie Kouma (Lockhart)

Here was a message from Diane Duden:


Much of the Pius X class of '83 has known Bob longer than I--several of you go all the way back to Kindergarten with him!

When Bob & I met, my friends were mostly from college and Bob's friends were mostly from Pius.  What a great bunch of people Bob had the chance to grow up with, have fun with, make mistakes with, & share life events with.

Many of you were there for him in various ways during his final 10 months (from his brain tumor diagnosis & treatment to his death) and he & I were so very grateful for all that you did.

It is hard to fathom that this May will mark 5 years since Bob's passing.  Our kids & I take comfort that even though he is not here to share the many earthly milestones our little family has seen since his death, we know he is in a better place now and free from the many trials he had to deal with here in this life and is watching over us now. 

Since May of 2018 both Zach and Rachael have completed their college educations (though Bob did get to see Zach graduate just weeks before his symptoms began).  Zach married his high school sweetheart Maggie Kopf in 2019.  Rachael graduated from Kansas State in December of 2019 and married a fellow K-Stater Ryan Leeper in 2020.  Zach works as an actuarial consultant for Milliman in Omaha & Maggie is a dental assistant at Floss.  Rachael teaches Math at Park Middle School here in Lincoln & Ryan is an engineer for the City of Lincoln Transportation & Utilities.  Zach & Maggie welcomed Everest Rose in 2021 & Rachael & Ryan welcomed Barrett Robert later in 2021.  Zach & Maggie recently built a home back in Lincoln so I am blessed that all 6 of my immediate family are right here.  

Bob's siblings and other extended family try to honor Bob each August by participating in the Px Fun Run....not everyone makes it every year but we try to have a decent showing.

I am sure you all have better photos from "back in the day".  I have to rely on what Bob had saved and that is rather slim pickens.  One photo is our family in RMNP the week before he died & 1 of the 25th anniversary party we my family gave us the day before Bob entered the Monarch.  I have also included some recent photos of our growing family that has blossomed since 2018.

Thank you all for being good friends to Bob and keep in mind every day  that our time here on earth is a finite thing----find a way to go & do the things you long to do and be generous and kind to all those around you!



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